Cost Benefit Analysis of Hot Water Recirculation Systems

How much can you save by using an on-demand hot water system vs always on recirculation pumps

The following PDF and XLS files are an analysis of water usage and energy costs for a home without a hot water recirculation system vs a home with a dedicated loop recirculation system and a pump that runs 24/7 vs a recirculation pump that runs 8 hours a day on a timer vs a recirculation pump controlled by an on demand control system. 
Many of the variables can be adjusted so you can see exactly how much more efficient an on demand recirculation really controller is!

Water and Energy Savings Whitepaper

Hot Water Recirculation System White Paper Energy and Water Cost Calculations for On-Demand Hot Water - Smart Recirculation Control - David Lehrian - Leridian Dynamics, Inc.

Water and Energy Savings Calculations

Water and Energy Savings Calculations for on-demand hot water recirculation pump controllers. How much can you save using Smart Recirculation Control from Leridian Dynamics, Inc.

On-Demand Controls for Central Hot Water Systems

The following white paper was prepared for Gas Technology Institute Emerging Technology Program and discusses the benefits of an on demand recirculation control system in multi family buildings and the shortcomings of a timer based, thermostat based or uncontrolled recirculating hot water system.  The principals are easily applied to single family homes as well.  Smart Recirculation Control is a demand based control solution that solves the problems outlined in this white paper.