Frequently Asked Questions About On-Demand Hot Water Control Systems

Who wouldn’t want instant hot water when you turn on the faucet?

Before jumping in, get the facts about hot water recirculation systems and what system is best for your home or business.  

We want you to be informed so you will enjoy many years of never stepping into a cold shower again. 

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What is on demand hot water recirculating pump?

What is an on-demand hot water recirculating pump, and how can one benefit your home or business?

On-demand recirculating systems can help you save money on your electric bill and water bill, and you also have the added benefit of not having to wait for hot water.  

We’ve all had those moments when we let the water run for 30 seconds or sometimes even a minute before any hot water came out of the faucet. With a hot water recirculation system, this will no longer be an issue.

When water sits in a pipe, it begins to drop in temperature from heat loss, quickly matching the temperature of the pipes. Therefore, typical recirculation systems constantly run water through the pipes to keep them heated.

When the water is recirculated through the system, it doesn’t get a chance to cool down, offering a constant flow of hot water. However, there is one issue with this: your water recirculation system is working nonstop, ultimately driving up your energy bill, and it ends up being a costly luxury.

Constantly running hot water can also cause copper pipes to erode. This can lead to pinhole leaks in your pipes, which will then need replacement. On-demand hot water recirculating pumps solve those problems. 

Why are on-demand recirculation systems better than constantly running always on system?

On-demand hot water recirculating pumps work with one key difference: your water isn’t constantly recirculating. You won’t need to worry about destroying your pipes, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. On-demand systems only pull hot water when necessary; smart recirculation pumps typically run less than 30 minutes a day. These systems are designed to learn and record your daily habits, adjusting them as needed. With a combination of smart time technology, you’ll never have to worry about high water or energy bills from your hot water system again. 

To learn more about our on-demand hot water systems, be sure to contact our team at 1-831-761-8659 today. 


What makes Leridian dynamics smart control better than the rest?

Our on-demand recirculation pump for hot water recirculation system provides on-demand hot water throughout your house without the need to install buttons and run wires.

The on-demand pump controller is contained within the utility closet and works from any plumbing fixture. Control the settings of the Recirculation Control via a smartphone app. on both Android and iPhone.

Will an on-demand hot water recirculating system save money?

Can you save money with an on-demand hot water recirculating system? 

Homes today are installed with standard hot water heaters—typically hot water tanks or tankless systems. When you take a shower, wash your dishes, or turn on your dishwasher, the water typically must run for 30 seconds or more before any hot water comes out. This is because the water has been sitting in the pipes and has acclimated to room temperature. With a hot water recirculating system, this isn’t an issue. This is because the water is constantly circulating, so it doesn’t have an opportunity to cool down.

Having a hot water system running day in and day out may give you hot water quickly—but it’s also going to cost you a fortune. You’ll have to worry about high energy costs, and you also run the risk of eroding your copper pipes. This can lead to pinhole leaks, forcing you to replace the pipes altogether. In the end, this can be very costly. However, this all changes when you switch to an on-demand hot water system.  

What are On-Demand Water System Money-Saving Benefits?

When you don’t need to keep your water running to pull hot water, you save money on your water bill. If you have a hot water recirculating system and you don’t need to keep it running constantly, you save money on your electric bill. On-demand hot water recirculating systems allow you to use hot water in the most efficient way possible. What these systems do is record your daily water usage habits. They are programmed to run during times you’re typically using hot water. If your schedule changes, they adapt. They’re designed to constantly evolve with your routines. These smart systems only keep your pump running for less than 30 minutes a day, saving you a fortune on your electric bill.  

To learn more about on-demand hot water recirculating systems, call the team at Smart Circulation Control today. 

Does your recirculation control have a warranty?

Yes, our Smart Recirculation Control is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase.  If the product fails to perform within the warranty period, Leridian Dynamics, Inc. will, at their option, repair or replace the unit if it is found to be defective.

Do you guarantee your products?

The Smart Recirculation Control comes with a 90-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. 

If after installing the Smart Recirculation Control you are dissatisfied for any reason whatsoever with the performance of the Smart Recirculation Control, simply package up the unit and return it to us with a note explaining what about the product you are dissatisfied with and we will refund your purchase price (minus original shipping charges & credit card fees, the banks keep these now). 

This guarantee only applies to our controllers. AquaMotion Pumps and AMK-ODR valves are excluded from this guarantee once they have been installed.