LEED COMPLIANT Demand-Sensing Hot Water Recirculation Control

LEED Smart Aquastat Recirculation Pump Control for Homes with a Dedicated Recirculation Loop

Satisfies LEED for Homes V4 and CA Title 24 requirements

LEED Smart Aquastat Control 32 - LEED for Homes v4 Compliant

The LEED compliant Smart Aquastat Control is an “On-Demand’ smart hot water recirculating pump controller for homes with a dedicated recirculation loop (If you don’t have a dedicated recirculation loop check out our Smart Thermostatic Control).  The microprocessor-based design senses when hot water is drawn from any plumbing fixture and runs the recirculation pump until one of the three LEED criteria is met:

  • the water in the recirculation loop reaches 105F (the default programmed max temperature)
  • the water in the recirculation loop increases by 10F degrees (the default temp increase value)
  • The pump runs for 5 minutes (the default max pump run time)


To operate go to any faucet and turn the hot water on, then off.  The LEED-compliant Smart Aquastat Control senses this minimal draw, checks the water temperature in the loop, and if necessary, starts the pump running.  Within seconds the water loop is hot and you are able to draw hot water. 

Because the LEED-compliant Smart Aquastat Control uses the demand of hot water to know when to run the pump, it works even when your washing machine or dishwasher needs hot water.  Unlike other on-demand hot water systems, there is no need to install switches or sensors at each faucet location and run wires or maintain wireless transceivers.