Leridian Dynamics App Privacy Policy

SmartPhone App Privacy Policy

Leridian Dynamics, Inc.

The smart phone apps for both Android and iPhone collect no personal or location information. 

The app does not send data via WiFi or cell phone data, rather it uses Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) to communicate with the Smart Recirculation Controller family of products. 

The app is used for the sole purpose of configuration and trouble shooting of the Smart Recirculation Control. 

iOS and Android operating systems require that “location services” be turned on in order to use the Bluetooth LE connection. Their reasoning is that a connected Bluetooth LE device could conceivably be used to know your location because Bluetooth LE only works locally (within ~30 ft of the device) and the Bluetooth LE device could send this information to a central server.  This is NOT the case with the Smart Recirculation Control family of products

The Smart Recirculation Control products have no ability to send data or communicate with anything other than the smart phone app itself.