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Smart Recirculation Control Setup with the Smart Recirc SmartPhone Application


Smart Recirculation Control - Smartphone App for circulation pump control by Leridian Dynamics

On Demand and Timers

This is a general overview of the Smart Recirc app and does not apply to all of our Smart Controllers. Each controller has its own features. If you’d like to see the complete functions for each controller, please see the App Guide under the appropriate Smart Controllers menu item for full details. 

The app is a free download via the following links or you can search for “Smart Recirculation Control 32” on the Google Play Store of the Apple App Store. There is an older version of the app that works with our older Smart Recirculation Control v2 and v3 that does not end in “32” and does not have a “32” in the pump icon which is the version you need if you have one of our older controllers.

Download Android App   Android app from Leridian Dynamics for Smart Recirculation Control

Download iPhone/iPad App   iPhone app from Leridian Dynamics for Smart Recirculation Control

The Smart Controller can be used simply as an on-demand controller for your recirculation pump or, once configured using either an iPhone, iPad, or Android smart device, it can be configured via timers to keep the recirculation loop hot between specific times of day and on specific days of the week (up to 10 timers can be set). Even when a timer is active it only runs the pump until the recirculation loop has heated up and then it shuts the pump off while continuing to monitor the recirculation loop temperature.

Connecting the App to the Controller

By default the app uses Bluetooth to communicate with the controller, so you must ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your smart device. Do not “pair” the Bluetooth device, the app will automatically search and find the controller when it launches.

The controller also supports WiFi as an option under “Settings→Advanced Setting→WiFi Enabled” but must be configured via Bluetooth.

The LED on the side of the controller will be solid blue when the app is connected via Bluetooth and will breath purple when connected via WiFi.

Once connected the “Live Data” screen will be displayed showing you the sensor values as well as the pump and timer status.

The Smart Controller has a built-in power backup that will keep the clock’s time for approximately 48hours after which the clock will lose its time and the controller’s timers won’t function until the time is set by running the app and connecting to the Smart Controller.

Smart Controller Settings:

The app allows for controlling all the settings of the firmware of the Smart Controller. To access the settings tap the “Settings” menu button. There will be a list of basic settings and the ability to expand the settings to “Show Advanced Settings”.

Please see the App Guide under the appropriate Smart Controller’s menu item for a full list of all the settings available for that specific controller.


The firmware of the Smart Controller can be updated via the smartphone app. To check if there is new firmware available tap the “Firmware” menu button. If there is new firmware available it will be displayed in black and the selection button will be enabled. Select the firmware and click the “Update Firmware” button.

The update can take up to 5 minutes to complete. Do not allow the application to go to the background or the phone to sleep while the firmware update is running or the update will fail. The system is designed to only switch to the new firmware if the update is successful so if this does happen simply attempt the firmware update again.

There is an option on this screen to “Show All Firmware Versions” which will display the firmware from our entire product line. The sensor requirements for the different firmware versions are different so updating to a different product without understanding the implications may provide unexpected results. Please see our web site for a description of the different products.

It is generally best to stay with the product firmware which came installed on your device unless told that you can change it by customer support.

Download Android App   Android app from Leridian Dynamics for Smart Recirculation Control

Download iPhone/iPad App   iPhone app from Leridian Dynamics for Smart Recirculation Control

Smart Controller Smartphone App - Smart Recirculation Control

Smart Recirc app controls hot water recirculation pump timers, settings, and log monitors using smartphone and Bluetooth technology.

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