Smart Recirculation Control 32 Release Notes

Table of Contents

Release Notes 6.0.0

New Feature – WiFi Support added

The Smart Recirculation Control 32 product line now supports connecting via WiFi. Go to “Settings->Advanced Settings->WiFi Enabled”. You will be prompted to select the WiFi network and enter the WiFi password.

New Feature – Turn Pump Off

The “Live Data” screen now supports turning the pump off if the pump is running and a timer is not active. If a timer is active this feature is disabled as the timer will immediatly turn the pump back on if the temperature requirements are not met.

Release Notes 5.4.2

New Feature – Automatically adjust for Daylight Savings Time

The controller will now automatically adjust for Daylight Savings Time. If you live in an area that does not observe DST there is a setting “Settings->DST Enabled” you can use to disable this feature.

Release Notes 5.4.1

Bug Fix

Fix issue where the residual flow from the pump after it turns off may cause the pump to turn back on if the large diff wasn’t exceeded during the initial run time, but then is exceeded while the residual pump flow is stopping.

Bug Fix

Fix issue where the high and low temps were not captured at the time that the largeDiffExceeded boolean was calculated which led to discrepancies in the log file.

Bug Fix

Fix issue with the initialization of the “Initial Run Time” which would cause the pump to turn on if the large temperature difference was exceeded when the controller booted up.

Bug Fix

Set triggerFanSpeed to 0 so the fan speed it logged correctly when triggered by a timer.

Release Notes 5.4.0

New Feature – Controller Enabled setting

This setting will prevent the controller from ever turning the pump on. Useful if you are going away and are turning off your water and concerned about the controller accidentally turning on.

New Feature – Erase Log advanced setting

Some firmware releases like this one require the log to be erased. This is normally accomplished when the firmware is installed. However, if the version requiring the log to be erased is not installed and a subsequent firmware version is released, the subsequent firmware update may not erase the log. This allows that issue to be easily resolved.

New Feature – Reboot Controller advanced setting

This is useful if your controller is installed in a location that is not easily accessible and there is an issue requiring rebooting.

New Feature – Debug data in log file

A byte of debug data was added to the log file to help our engineers diagnose issues when the controller misbehaves.

Release Notes 5.3.5

Bug Fix

Fix issue which caused the LED to not turn red during provisioning mode when the controller is triggered as described in the system test in the Quick Start Guide.

Release Notes 5.3.4

Bug Fix

Fix issue which sometimes causes fast cycling of the controller due to a transient erroneous temperature sensor reading.

Release Notes 5.3.3

Bug Fix

Fix issue with naming a controller something longer than 19 characters.

Release Notes 5.3.2

Bug Fix

Fix issue with timers not being updated in the app when a new timer was added.

Bug Fix

Fix issue with the controller continuing to run after the initial run time had expired and the temperature never exceeded the large temp diff during the initial run time but did exceed the small temp diff.

Release Notes 5.3.1

New Feature – Custom Controller Name

The ability to set a custom controller name has been implemented. The default controller name is “SmartCirc” and if you only have a single controller and are not operating in a multi-controller environment you can leave the controller name as the default and the app will connect as normal.

Once connected the controller name can be changed by navigating to Settings→Advanced Settings→Controller Name and entering a custom name. Once the name is set, the app will attempt to connect to the controller with this name in the future. If a controller with this name is not found it will prompt for the controller to which to connect. The app can be configured to always prompt for the controller by turning on Settings→Advanced Settings→Prompt For Device.

New Feature – Set Password on Controller

The ability to set a password on the controller has been implemented. If the controller is operating in a multi-controller environment the password can be set to prevent unauthorized access to the controller.

By default there is no password, but once connected the password can be set by navigating to Settings→Advanced Settings→Controller Password. The controller will remember the password and attempt to authorize when connecting. If successful it will connect, otherwise it will prompt for the password.

If the password is forgotten, the controller can be put into “provisioning mode” by unplugging it, waiting 5 seconds and then plugging it back in. For the first thirty seconds it will advertise the default name “SmartCirc” and not require a password. Connecting during this time will allow the name and password to be configured. During provisioning mode the green led will blink steady on and off every second.

Release Notes 5.2.1

Bug Fixes

Fix bug that sometimes caused timers to not be stored. Fixed temp sensor driver bug.

Release Notes 5.2.0

Remove Pulse Filter

This firmware removes the pulse filter and replaces it with a better algorithm that prevents false triggers by averaging the flow to eliminate high frequency pulses from the pulse count.

Internal Code Restructuring

This firmware restructures the task that obtains the temperature from the temperature sensors.

Release Notes 5.1.2

Update Temp Sensor Driver

This firmware updates the temperature sensor driver to make it more fault tolerant.

Release Notes 5.1.1

Updated Log File

This firmware updates the data stored in the log to include the flow value that triggered the run event. If the flow value is 0 then the event was triggered via a timer.

This update also changes the “on high temp” to be the temp at either the end of the initial run time OR the temp at which the pump turns on if the dormant period has not expired when this happens.

The temperature differences at the beginning and end of the run are now calculated and displayed in the log.

This update requires that the non-volatile memory be reinitialized because the log record size has changed. This will reset any custom settings back to factory default values so be sure to record any timer or setting modification you have made before performing the update. The current log will also be erased.

Release Notes 5.1.0

Pulse Filter

There are instances when the controller may trigger when no one is actively drawing hot water and this feature was added to address this issue. This feature is available via “Settings→Advanced Settings”. It is disabled by default but if you are experiencing these issues and have increased your sensitivity setting in an attempt to prevent this, you can try enabling this feature and setting the sensitivity back to the default of 20 and see if this resolves the issue.

Before changing the default setting of 19 ms please read the Technical Details.

Maximum Pump Run Time

The controller is normally turned off by sensing the temperature difference, but if there is a failure with one of the sensors, like a temperature sensor has come loose from the piping, the controller would continue to run indefinitely. The “Maximum Pump Run Time” will turn the controller off at a default of 15 minutes. This can be adjusted via “Settings→Max Pump Run Time” from 1 to 30 minutes.

If the “Max Pump Run Time” has been exceeded the controller will blink the red led every 5 seconds instead of the green led every 10 seconds and the smartphone app will display “Run Time Exceeded” on the “Live Data” screen. This will be reset when the controller is triggered for another cycle.

Pump Run Time

The current pump run time has been added as a value to the “Live Data” screen and is displayed for 10 seconds after the pump turns off.

Temp Sensor Error

If the controller has an error communicating with a temperature sensor the controller will flash the red LED, turn the pump off, AND disable the controller until the issue is resolved and the controller reset. Previously it would flash the red LED and turn the pump off, but there have been instances where the sensor error was intermittent causing the controller to toggle on and off rapidly.

This feature is delayed for one hour after plugging the controller in so that during installation you can adjust the temperature sensors without the controller getting disabled. During this time the controller will blink the red LED and turn the pump off but will not disable the controller.

Temperature sensor errors can normally be resolved by inspecting the Y connector where the temperature sensors connect and ensuring the pins are not pushed to one side or the other. If they are you can straighten them with a small screwdriver or pen knife. If they are not visibly bent it can help to wiggle the RJ-14 connector as you insert them to ensure the pins drop into the slot in the connector and make solid contact.

If the controller becomes disabled it can be re-enabled by connecting with the smartphone app and pressing the “Trigger Pump” button. If there is a temp sensor error the smartphone app will display “Temp Sensor Error” on the “Live Data” screen.

Release Notes 5.0.6

Auto Disabling Timers

The firmware was updated to correctly re-enable timers that had been automatically disabled by the “Smart Timer”TM feature.