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Leridian Dynamics, Inc. fourth generation flow meter based, on-demand Smart Recirculation Control 32 for homes with a dedicated recirculation loop. This controller can be configured and upgraded with your smartphone and supports Live Data, Smart Timers, and logging. (If you have a Navien combi unit please purchase the Smart Aquastat Control 32   instead.)

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The Smart Recirculation Control comes with a 90 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.  If after installing the Smart Recirculation Control you are dissatisfied FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER with the performance of the Smart Recirculation Control, simply package up the unit and return it to us with a note explaining what about the product you are dissatisfied with and we will refund your purchase price, minus the original shipping charges.  This guarantee only applies to our controllers. AquaMotion Pumps and AMK-ODR valves are excluded from this guarantee once they have been installed.

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Customer Reviews

37 reviews for Smart Recirculation Control 32

  1. christopher tacelli (verified owner)

    This device works great. It is a perfect solution for me.

  2. James Wehri (verified owner)

    I love simple things that work-and this system does it superbly. I researched all my options and decided on the recirculation 32. I was given good advice from the company that recommended this product for my recirc system and installed it myself as suggested. It was easy- pezy. It works great as advertised. Simple. Efficient. Well engineered.
    I love the app as well.
    The dual temperature sensors revealed to me how much radiant heat I was losing in my non-insulated copper system which prompted me to insulate the recirc system saving me more $.
    In summary, this is a straightforward system that works great, is technologically advanced (app feature) and will save you $$ and is environmentally friendly.

  3. Jason G. (verified owner)

    Very easy to connect and get running. Easily connected to the app to configure, monitor, and manually trigger. My only issue was that the unit is not sealed and one connection develop a leak which dripped on the unit and shorted it out. Just be sure to position it accordingly to avoid this and you’ll be fine. On the plus side, Dave at Leridian was very responsive and helpful and got me back up and running ver quickly. Great customer service like this is not easy to find!

  4. Alan Melcher (verified owner)

    very easy to install

  5. Mark J. (verified owner)

    I got tired of my remote hot water inconsistency so I started my search. I found Lerian Dynamics and emailed with questions. they responded promptly and answered all my questions I ordered, and within a couple of days to receive the product. I installed at myself which requires plumbing skills that I have. The directions were excellent, and everything works perfectly. I am very satisfied with the product and it works extremely well.

  6. Art U. (verified owner)

    Here’s my situation – new heat pump water heater, fairly large house with hot water recirculation plumbing. You really shouldn’t use a heat pump water heater with recirculation – the heat pump will just end up running constantly. So, I purchased this controller. It was very easy to install – I was already redoing the plumbing for the new water heater, so adding the flow sensor was easy. Wiring was easy, connecting the unit to my phone app was easy, and set was easy. And it’s working exactly as it should! I still get quick hot water throughout the house when needed, and the water heater isn’t running when hot water isn’t needed. I’m very happy with this Leridian Dynamics controller!

  7. Branko H. (verified owner)

    I have a Rheem hybrid water heater. The nuance of such a water heater is that they do not recommend a circulation pump when using the Energy Saver mode. The programming and electronics don’t like recirculation pumps. However, the Smart Recirc Control 32 helps dramatically by only recirculating water when needed. It also does not run all the time and therefore the inlet to the hybrid water heater stays at a reasonable temperature to not confuse the electronics and programming. I have found that I’m saving energy costs by implementing this smart control with my hybrid water heater. In some ways I have cheated the programming and I still have recirculation of water and hence on-demand hot water. I would recommend on long recirculation runs that the temperature probe prior to the pump is placed as far upstream as possible. This ensures that hot water does not come close to the inlet of the hybrid hot water heater. Great product!!

  8. Dennis V. (verified owner)

    I just recently installed this unit in my shop/apartment, replacing another brand which had failed. I am very pleased with the operation and performance thus far. It is obviously well thought out and implemented. I do have the thermocouples attached directly to PEX (with some wraps of conductive foil underneath), and as predicted in the instructions the response lags due to insulating characteristics of PEX. I plan on purchasing a 2nd unit for a new house I am building, and there I will be sure to have copper stubs to attach the thermocouples to. The programability of various parameters using the app works very well. Excellent product.

  9. Gregory D. (verified owner)

    The system was straightforward to set up, and so far (one month since installation), it is working as promised. We’re looking forward to how this may reduce our gas bill compared to our old system that used a timer, where the circulation pump ran continuous for many hours during the day.

  10. Donald Rowell (verified owner)

    Added benefit: Guests who may not be aware of the system can turn the hot water on and the recirc pump will shorten the time for the hot water to reach the faucet since it is pulling cold water into the return line, thus still saving some cold water from waste. An unaware guest with a push button system would waste all of the cold water. Down side: With single handle faucets it is common to have some hot water flow even when getting a glass of water because many people leave their handles centered. That eats up some electrons with the pump running and does cause some water to be heated that will sit in the pipes slowly losing heat.

  11. David T. (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing product. With so many expensive hot water recirc pump solutions out there (ones that also might not meet the needs of the build, GPM wise) this solution allows you to simply use ‘the right pump for the job’ and the brains/logic of this device takes care of the rest. Not only can you buy this along with a better pump and still be cheaper than most ‘high end hot water recirc solutions’, but if/when the pump goes, it’s a simple ‘off the shelf’ pump swap instead of awaiting for a special order pump to arrive. The bluetooth works flawlessly for onsite maintenance and programming, remote Wifi would be a nice added feature for remote tweaking/programming, but understandably would increase the costs of the unit. Very impressed with the system so far.

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  12. William R. (verified owner)

    This product is simply genius. It revolutionizes the hot water on demand market. Circulating pumps have been sold for years bragging instant hot water and little water waist while waiting for hot water. When we bought this house that had one installed, I was very happy to save water and have instant hot water. That was until I did some research that revealed I am using massive energy by running the pump 24-7 and energy to keep that water hot in the line. All that waist for the convivence having instant hot water a few times a day. Sure, it did save some water but a very high cost to me and the environment. So, I added a timer to my pump to turn it on morning and evenings when I was more likely to use hot water. Better, but still not that efficient. I have searched for remote on demand systems that I could add to be more efficient, but they all had issues like hard to install, hard to remember if it was left on or off, WIFI or Bluetooth issues, need to use apps or find a good location(s) for control(s). Then I ran across this product. Are you kidding me! No fumbling with buttons or apps – just turn the hot water on for a second to get the pump pumping. Brilliant!! Only pumps when you ask for it and need it. This checks all of the environmental boxes. Absolutely saves water. Use the absolute minimum energy to deliver the hot water – ONLY when needed. The Smart control 32 should be required with every recirculating pump sold.

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  13. Robert F. (verified owner)

    I am a aerospace instrumentation engineer. My worst nightmare is equipment, software, solutions that don’t work. This is not one of those. The Smart Recirculation Control assembled, started, and ran, as plug and play as is possible. The perfect solution for me. I want to help with marketing if I can. A great product…

  14. Paul N. (verified owner)

    Easy install and works great.
    Bluetooth app is simple to use

  15. lee d. (verified owner)

    This is just what I was looking for so I could get hot water instantly on the other end of my house without the pump running constantly. I ran a return line and used my own pump and it works flawlessly! Its easy to program and gives you all the control you could want. I have already told neighbors and customers about it. Before I bought it I had several questions so I called in and they were able to answer any and all questions I had without hesitation.

  16. Mike T. (verified owner)

    System is working great. I have a OnDemand heater with a return loop that had a timer on it. Installing the flow meter and thermostats was simple for my system (Pex Piping). There are multiple software versions that you can run in the Smart control. I started with the Smart Thermostatic Control Tankless and didn’t like the cold spikes I was getting. I talked to a very help full service department and it was recommended that I change to the Smart Aquastat Control software. Iam thrilled with the results. There is occasionally a small temp change while taking shower now, with a OnDemand heater this is fantastic. It was easy to download the new software and I unplugged one thermostat. I only run on the demand feature now, it takes a crack of a faucet on and off and 20 seconds later hot water is available this is with a 70′ run. The advanced setting in the software allowed me to fine tune the system the way I want it. Iam very pleased with the product and support.

  17. Stephen D. (verified owner)

    Excellent product. I have nothing to compare to but, this controller works great. Before I purchased the unit I spent a lot of time researching all of my options and this unit fit exactly what I wanted. I had to start from scratch, meaning I did not have a return pipe back to my electric hot water tank. So to go along with me spending some time installing that pipe I wanted a controller that was not to crazy but a controller that was easy to install. On top of that the APP works great also.
    I sent an email to the company not knowing that if I would get any response, well the president of the company answer my email in a timely manner, not only once but twice. That made my mine up. Thank you David Lehrian

  18. Kaelin S. (verified owner)

    Ideal in concept, flawless in execution.

    The key issue of having a hot water loop system is how the system “knows” when you want hot water so it can trigger the pump. I’m familiar with several ways to do this:
    *Manual switch at the pump
    *Timer at the pump
    *Remote buttons at bathrooms or sinks (wired or wireless)
    *Sensor on bathroom doors (turns on when opened)
    *Motion sensor in bathrooms or kitchen
    *Motion sensors under the cabinet toe kicks

    But there is *already* a mechanism by which the system knows you want hot water: when you, from a faucet, run the hot water. This system eliminates all timers, switches, motion sensors, etc. by this simple yet profound observation, replacing them with a much superior sensor – a flow meter on the water line going into your hot water tank.

    Additionally, this system also supplies timely hot water to other fixtures that aren’t normally served well by timers, motion sensors or door sensors: the clothes and dish washers. Anything using hot water can trigger this system.

    Additionally, it knows when to turn the pump off. This is critical for energy and water savings. The pump can only bring the temperature of the hot water loop up to within a few degrees of the water in the tank. Once that occurs, the pump should be shut off. It is not as simple as checking the water temperature in the loop for a static target temperature because as hot water is used from the tank, the temperature can begin to fall and the pump wouldn’t turn off until the hot water usage was stopped and the hot water heater recovered (which is harder for the hot water heater to do while the pump is on!). So this system monitors *two* temperatures – the hot water leaving the tank, and the hot water returning to the tank from the loop. The two temperatures are used to calculate a the temperature *difference*. Once temperature in the loop is within a few degrees of the tank, the pump is automatically turned off until the temperature difference increases *and* usage of hot water continues. ALL of that is exactly what this system does.

    The result is that the pump runs exactly when you need it to, but not a minute more. And the homeowner experience (my family and I) is sublime. I both have hot water when I want it AND save money not running the pump too much or too little. Running it too little results in hot water users running water down the drain. Keep in mind that as a user runs water from the hot faucet down the drain, even if it’s cold, cold water is running into your tank, cooling it down.

    If the hot water loop is completely cold – like early in the morning when all night long its saved you money by not running the pump and by conserving hot water – I simply turn on the hot water faucet for literally slightly less than a second on my way toward more pressing needs. By the time I’m ready for hot water on a cold winter morning, it’s *right there*.

    For those that just absolutely need the hot water pump run at a specific time, you’re still covered. The app allows you to program several run times if you wish. Personally, even though I get up at a regular time during the work week, I *still* don’t use the timers because the flow meter is such an effective mechanism to indicate hot water demand.

    Every house with a hot water tank should be built with a loop and the pump controlled this way.

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  19. Bruce C. (verified owner)

    This is an amazing product that helps you save water and energy while providing the luxury of immediate hot water at your fingertips. The use of two thermocouples and a flow sensor is elegantly simple and genius. I would not consider a hot water recirculation loop system without the Leridian control system.

  20. Michael T. (verified owner)

    Unit was easy to install and set up. It works perfectly and the wife really enjoys that there is now hot water at the kitchen faucet.

  21. Emiro U. (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with the unit. Works as advertised. I installed it myself and didn’t need a plumber. Instructions were clear and easy to follow.
    My pump was over heating when I had it on a timer. Now the pump runs only when I need it and I always have hot water. I love it.
    Money well spent.

  22. William J. (verified owner)

    Natural gas prices have gone through the roof in Taxafornia. My water heater recirculating pump was costing me an arm and a leg. I installed the Smart Recirculation Control, and use the on demand function. Gives me instant warm water in about 30 seconds without wasting gas or water. Everything worked as it should.

  23. Jeffrey B. (verified owner)

    Works great!

  24. PHILIP G. (verified owner)

    Their customer service is outstanding. They actually called me a couple of times to make sure I knew what I was doing, which I did not.
    Unfortunately, the internal wiring of my tankless was incompatible with the product which works as promised. I almost considered buying a new water heater just so I could use the device.
    My tankless hot water heater is a Rinnai RU80e (KB2530WD) with a Grundfos GT15 Kit and Rinnai Circ-Logic, purchased in 2014. Hopefully it is a rare model that is incompatible with the Smart recirculating system.
    It is a great product with OUTSTANDING customer service.

  25. Neil M. (verified owner)

    Works great!

  26. Jason M. (verified owner)

    Excellent and well thought out product to control your existing hot water recirc pump. Once you’ve verified that your loop was installed properly and your pump is good, order this product so that you can intelligently control that pump via timers, demand, temperature sensing and a slick combination of all of these inputs!

    For demand, the included flow sensor knows immediately when hot water is called for. And, this alone does not initiate pump activation. The loop must also be cold. Awesome.

    For time multiple timers you can set up, it’s brilliant that when the timers are active the device only runs the pump sufficiently to keep the loop warm. Best of both worlds.

    Also love that the timers disable after 24 hours and re-enable with hot water flow. Nicely done.

  27. Cliff S. (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied with the smart recirculation control. It does exactly what was advertised and solved my hot water problem throughout the house. I installed it in less than 20 minutes and would recommend this product to any one needing a hot water on demand recirculating control.

  28. Wade V. (verified owner)

    Works great. Fairly easy install for a person with some basic plumbing skills.

  29. Jim W. (verified owner)

    I enjoy writing reviews on products that really change one’s life for the better, and this is one of those products. We already had a recirculation system and pump installed in our original home construction, but I have been looking for years for a way to make the system more adaptable to our family’s hot water demands. I investigated motion detectors, Wi-Fi signaling devices, adaptable timers, etc. This Smart Recirculation product finally filled the need. The control was fairly easy to install. The directions provided with the hardware are very detailed, with extra sections on troubleshooting and using the advanced options. They also provide for a very important “pre-check” of the controller, which will be addressed later.

    I only needed to purchase three minor items – a brass female/female adapter for the top of my hot water tank, a short piece of RJ11 phone line, and an RJ11/RJ11 cord connector. In fact, the only negative I have for the product is that the provided RJ11 temperature sensor phone connector lines were about 2 feet too short to meet my needs based on the location of my hot water lines and power outlet. The hardware installation is very straight-forward for anyone who has DIY experience with water lines and water heaters. The operation and “tuning” of the system could not be easier. Simply download the Smart Recirculation Control app and turn on your Bluetooth. The app finds the controller quickly (without the need for pairing) and provides access to the basic information, real-time controller data, and advanced settings. Because of the lengthy distance between my water heater and furthest bathroom, the advanced settings were quite effective for setting the appropriate time delays I needed.

    I mentioned the pre-test step provided in the directions earlier in my review. This step likely saved me many hours of troubleshooting and frustration. Because I followed this step exactly as written, I knew the controller and sensors were working correctly out of the box. Once everything was installed, I did not get the same correct indications on the controller I previously got in the pre-test. I found a loose connection in the RJ11/RJ11 cord extender connector, and once that was resolved, everything worked perfectly.

    The system works perfectly for us. We use the pre-set feature once per day, and the rest of the day, the demand system senses hot water flow and runs the recirculation pump accordingly. We find that a short opening and closing of any hot water faucet a minute or two before a shower results in readily available hot water without the long, wasteful running of the water waiting for it to get hot. We also no longer have the pump running for hours a day on a timer when there is no actual demand.

    I have hope that the controller will provide years of quality service. We are very happy with the results so far and hope others will find this product just as effective for their needs.

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  30. Ryan B. (verified owner)

    Works exactly as advertised. I am a big fan of the on-demand feature because I don’t want the pump circulating all day, and I don’t like the wall switch, motion detectors, or garage door opener options provided with other systems. No wireless device will be more reliable or more discreet than the flow sensor provided in this kit. A true on-demand system.
    This is the most efficient control available for a recirculation system. I am surprised some of the big manufacturers do not offer a smart controller like this.

  31. Brandon G. (verified owner)

    Works great. My circ pump is running only when needed instead of 16 hours a day on a standard timer. All I have been doing is heating up the concrete slab. Makes no sense why hot water lines in concrete are not sleeved or insulated. This device is going to save me a ton of money in electricity usage. My hot water heater is cycling very little as compared to running non-stop before. It was costing me over $200/month to heat water before. I’m anxious to see my new electric bill after installing this smart device.

  32. Scott H. (verified owner)

    I received the unit & got it installed & working in less than 30 minutes. My recirculation system uses a “cold-water return” vs. “drain return” strategy. It is a long run from H/W to back bathrooms (over 100’ each way) so recirculation is important.

    Your controller works just as advertised and pre-sales support was excellent. Great product that saves time, energy, and water!

  33. Forrest K. (verified owner)

    The Smart Recirculation Control 3 is a great addition to an existing recirculation system that significantly reduces the duration of the recirculation pump run time. It even reduced runtime on a system with an undersized pump designed to run 24/7. It is very easy to install and setup. Additionally, I can’t say enough good things about David Lehrian and the customer service he provides. He helped me troubleshoot and solve an issue with one of my remote fixtures not getting hot water as quickly as I required.

  34. Tyler W. (verified owner)

    Great idea. Great product. Owner is very responsive and incredibly helpful. Thankyou!

  35. Steven B. (verified owner)

    Excellent product that simply works well. The price is a little high, but I don’t think there is a comparable product on the market.

  36. Barry P. (verified owner)

    Brilliant. Amazing. I installed this unit to replace a wireless remote controlled countdown switch to start my hot water recirc pump (with dedicated return line). Sometimes it got the signal, sometimes not. Now there is no doubt. Simply turn on any hot water tap in the house and the pump starts.

    This was easy to install and works perfectly. OK, so I am a long time general contractor with a lot of hands on experience in plumbing, but anyone with the courage to pick up a pipe wrench and ask questions of the sales clerk working the plumbing aisle at the local Ace hardware can install this unit.

  37. Joseph V. (verified owner)

    Basically saved my wallet! Gas bill went from over $100 to $32.00 in the first month. No more worrying about the pump running all the time and what damage maybe occurring to plumbing and fixtures, not to mention just wasting energy like crazy. Best investment I’ve made and hot water on demand. Love it!

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Leridian Dynamics, Inc. fourth generation flow meter based, “on demand” Smart Recirculation Control 32 for homes with dedicated recirculation loops. This controller can be configured and upgraded with your smartphone and supports “Live Data”, “Smart Timers” and logging. (If you have a Navien combi unit please purchase the Smart Aquastat Control 32  instead.) This controller is Made in the USA.

  • Turns any pump into an “On Demand” hot water recirculation pump.Flow Meter based pump controller (comes with 3/4″ NPT flow meter).
  • Unique dual temperature sensor design.
  • Built-in pump timer capability.
  • Easily configure with your Android or iPhone smart device.

The Smart Recirculation Control 32 is an “On Demand’ flow meter-based recirculation pump controller designed to sense when hot water is drawn from any plumbing fixture and run the recirculation pump until the water in the recirculation loop is hot. The microprocessor-based design monitors the temperature of the water in the loop using a unique dual temperature sensor design to ensure the water in the loop stays hot while hot water is being used.

To operate go to any faucet and turn the hot water on then off. The Smart Recirculation Control 32 senses this minimal draw, checks the water temperature in the loop, and if necessary, starts the pump running. Within seconds the water loop is hot and you are able to draw hot water.

Because the Smart Recirculation Control 32 uses the flow of hot water to know when to turn the pump on, it works even when your washing machine or dishwasher need hot water. Unlike some other control systems, there is no need to install switches or sensors at each faucet location or keep track of wireless transceivers.

The Smart Recirculation Control 32 also operates as a timer-based pump controller. It will save up to 10 timers running the pump only until the loop is heated up and then shutting the pump off while monitoring for flow demand as well as the temperature of the water in the loop. Timers are set via your Android or iPhone smart device.

The Smart Recirculation Control 32 is all you need to efficiently control your hot water recirculation pump. Because of the dual temperature sensor design, it doesn’t matter what temperature your water heater is set to. Flow meter sensitivity and temperature difference settings are easily set with your Android or iPhone smart device.

Smart Recirculation Control by Leridian Dynamics, Inc.

Returns are accepted within 90 days of purchase for any reason. Buyer pays return shipping. Please contact us if you have any issues.

Download Android App  Android app from Leridian Dynamics for Smart Recirculation Control

Download iPhone/iPad App  iPhone app from Leridian Dynamics for Smart Recirculation Control

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Weight1.2 lbs
Dimensions8 × 5 × 4 in
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