Smart Thermostatic Control 32
for Tankless Water Heaters Release Notes

Table of Contents

Release Notes 5.2.1TL

Bug Fixes

Fix bug that sometimes caused timers to not be stored.

Release Notes 5.2.0TL

Remove Pulse Filter

This firmware removes the pulse filter and replaces it with a better algorithm that prevents false triggers by averaging the flow to eliminate high frequency pulses from the pulse count.

Release Notes 5.1.1TL

Updated Log File

This firmware updates the data stored in the log to include the flow value that triggered the run event and the flow value when the pump turns off. If the flow value is 0 then the event was triggered via a timer.

This update requires that the non-volatile memory be reinitialized because the log record size has changed. This will reset any custom settings back to factory default values so be sure to record any timer or setting modification you have made before performing the update. The current log will also be erased.

Release Notes 5.1.0TL

Pulse Filter

There are instances when the controller may trigger when no one is actively drawing hot water and this feature was added to address this issue. This feature is available via “Settings→Advanced Settings”. It is disabled by default but if you are experiencing these issues and have increased your sensitivity setting in an attempt to prevent this, you can try enabling this feature and setting the sensitivity back to the default of 20 and see if this resolves the issue.

Before changing the default setting of 19 ms please read the Technical Details.

Maximum Pump Run Time

The controller is normally turned off by sensing the temperature difference, but if there is a failure with one of the sensors, like a temperature sensor has come loose from the piping, the controller would continue to run indefinitely. The “Maximum Pump Run Time” will turn the controller off at a default of 15 minutes. This can be adjusted via “Settings→Max Pump Run Time” from 1 to 30 minutes.

If the “Max Pump Run Time” has been exceeded the controller will blink the red led every 5 seconds instead of the green led every 10 seconds and the smartphone app will display “Run Time Exceeded” on the “Live Data” screen. This will be reset when the controller is triggered for another cycle.

Pump Run Time

The current pump run time has been added as a value to the “Live Data” screen and is displayed for 10 seconds after the pump turns off.

Release Notes 5.0.6TL

Auto Disabling Timers

The firmware was updated to correctly re-enable timers that had been automatically disabled by the “Smart Timer”TM feature.