Welcome to Smart Recirculation Control, where we have various smart hot water recirculating pump control products available to help you save money on water and energy costs throughout the year.

Leridian Dynamics, Inc.’s flow meter-based, on-demand hot water recirculation pump controller has a timer function, and is fully configurable with a smartphone app (Android and iPhone). 

All of our Smart Controllers work with 110/220 VAC makes and models of pumps up to 1/2 hp and with other plug and socket types around the world with adapters appropriate for your country. Our Smart Recirculation Control family of products is made with a Type B plug and socket.

Chose the system you have and we'll show you the controller you need:

In addition to our Smart Recirculation Control, Smart Aquastat Control, and Smart Thermostatic Control System, we offer various accessory items including sensor flow meters, replacement temperature sensors, and NPT flow meters to enable your hot water system to run much more efficiently and keep your water hot. 

For more information about our various smart hot water recirculating pump control products and custom solutions, contact our team. We are more than happy to answer any questions and help you create the best solutions to your on-demand hot water problems.